Monday, March 22, 2010

My Stampin' Up! Story

In the last couple of weeks, Stampin' Up! has encouraged us to share our Stampin' Up! story with others. Well, here is mine...
My Stampin’ Up! Story!

My extent of rubber stamping 10 years ago was stamping on my envelopes when I sent out my Christmas cards every year. Then I went to my sister’s Stampin’ Up! Workshop in March 2000. I created my first card and placed a small order. I didn’t get a catalog because I didn’t want to buy it and wasn’t interested in having a workshop to get it for free. I went to a second workshop, placed another small order, then took the catalog home, and had a catalog workshop. My Demonstrator came to my home to close out the order, and I asked her about the Demonstrator opportunity. I had absolutely nothing to lose. I was single, and in a situation where a little extra income would be very helpful. Plus I thought, “I could do this!!!”. If it didn’t work out, I received some great products at a great deal!

My reasons for becoming a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator have changed a bit over the years. Yes, the financial rewards have been important to me and will always continue to be a significant reason for being a Demonstrator. But the friendships I have made, both with my customers and downline are especially rewarding. It gives me a “life”! We have fun and I look forward to getting together with my friends who share my excitement for paper crafting.

Stampin’ Up! gives you flexibility and every resource imaginable to make this business fit your lifestyle. Through my 10 years as a Demonstrator, I have gotten married, lost my engineering job, had a baby, and my husband lost his job. My Stampin’ Up! business has always been a positive through every phase of my life. Whether you want to get your stampin’ products at a discount, share your love of paper crafting with friends and family, or make your business a financially rewarding career, Stampin’ Up! has a place for you. It’s a great company to represent!

I hope you enjoyed hearing my story!


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