Thursday, September 11, 2008

Goodbye Sweet Zeta!

Tonight, as I get ready for my Friday night stamp club, I began to cry my eyes out. Today was a very sad day in our family. We lost our sweet Zeta, and she is now resting peacefully. I found Zeta down in Rolla, where I was going to school, in February 1990. We think she was probably a little less than a year old. I surprised my parents and brought her home with me one weekend. Boy, were they surprised, but they instantly fell in love with her! She was a great cat and a big part of our family. After I moved out on my own, she stayed with my parents. If you know me, I am very much a cat person. Through my entire life, I have never been without my feline friends. My household now has 4 cats! Anyway, I know Zeta is resting peacefully now. Goodbye, my friend!

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Anonymous said...

So sad about Zeta. I'm a cat person too. My kids always had a pet cat...even Cheryl with her allergy. I know what it is to part with them. I know you will miss Zeta.
Jacky B