Monday, April 6, 2009

Thanks Greg & Kelly!

Hi! RJ is turning 3 on Wednesday and we are having a small party for him on Saturday. Our friends, Greg & Kelly will not be in town then, so they invited us over for dinner on Sunday because they wanted to give RJ a little something for his birthday. We are very fortunate to have great friends who are so sincere and thoughtful! Kelly cooked a wonderful dinner and it was heavenly! She thought of everything!

Here is the main course (Pork Chops!!)...

Here is my plate minus the biscuit. They were still in the oven when I took this picture.

Oooooh! Can you just smell it?? Doesn't this look great! It was absolutely delicious! I'll ask Kelly to give me the recipe and have it posted here soon. I was there while she was cooking and it looked really easy! That's my kind of cooking!

Greg & Kelly also gave RJ a very nice gift, which he just loved...A Little Einsteins DVD! RJ has been hooked on Little Einsteins for the past several weeks. We have a few shows taped on our DVR, and he requests them several times a day! We sing the song all day long! He knows every word! Here are a few pictures of RJ, Greg & Kelly...

Thanks again Greg & Kelly for a very nice evening! We had a great time and appreciate your thoughtfulness! We are lucky to have you as friends!



Sally said...

I think I smell the pork chops! Awesome looking meal Kelly! And, I agree, what great friends.

Fran said...

Yum! that dinner looks very yummy. I'll look forward to your recipe posting! :)