Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Blogging Companion!

Here is my blogging companion, Gabby. She loves to be right next to me (or should I say computer) when I am on my computer! She usually goes after the "mouse" on the screen! It is so funny! Don't you love the little heart-shaped nose?!! She is our youngest feline family member, and a big trouble maker with the other cats! She keeps the "older" cats on their toes at all times! She will be 4 in April.

After a while, Gabby will lay her head down on my computer...

And when I need to type something up in that corner, it doesn't even phase her to move!!! I just type away, squeezing my fingers below her head, and she doesn't even budge!!

Wasn't that snow just beautiful this morning? I can say that since I didn't have to drive in it! I'm hoping to take RJ out in it in the next day or two. He will have a blast!
I have a few cards to share with you soon. So make sure to stay in touch!

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