Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My UPS guys!!

Hi! Here is a picture of both of my UPS men!!! For the longest time, RJ called the UPS man the PUS man!!! And that's what he wanted to be for Halloween! He looks absolutely adorable in his uniform, doesn't he? We lovvvvvve when the UPS comes to visit us, because that usually means he is bringing some fun stampin' stuff for me!! We have had the same UPS guy for a very long time! He is just so nice!! And he was kind enough to stop for a picture! We waited forever for him to come to our house on Monday, but we just saw him drive pass our house! And I knew I was having a package delivered to our house that day. But then a different guy came a little later in the day, but I didn't want his picture!! LOL!! So I decided to take a chance and just hope that I saw our regular UPS guy today, when I knew another package was on its way! WooHoo!!!

Hope you are having a great day!



Jenkins Family said...

Hi Karen, That picture is just adorable!!! Have missed your blog postings....welcome back! Hugs, Cindy

Anonymous said...

This just brings a smile to my face. How proud they both look. Doesn't every little boy admire someone who drives a big truck? My son loved our garbage men years ago and would wait at the window faithfully when he heard the truck in the neighborhood. Thanks for sharing.

Crystal L. said...

Ha ha...yup, we feel the same around here! My daughters (5 & 3) see a truck ANYWHERE, and yell it out! lol The 5 year old used to say it "PPS", but she's grown out of it, and the 3yr old says it. :)

LOVE it!! :)

Ty's Parents said...

What a perfect picture and costume. I saw the costume in a catty and laughed so hard. It is perfect for our family too as Ty knows the UPS man is one of my favorite visitors.