Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Friend & Framed Project

Happy Sunday! I went over to my friend Rita's house today to make this beautiful framed project!!! I have a little story to tell you first...a few weeks ago Rita sent me an email with a picture of this beautiful frame project attached. She asked if I wanted to get together sometime and make some for ourselves. It was a beautiful project that I never had seen before, so I thought it was a great idea! Well, time had past and we never got together...busy schedules got in the way! But then later, Rita was having a class to make this project and ask if I could come over and make one. Of course, I jumped right on it and said yes!! So the class was today and I brought her an ornament that I made in the previous post. When I got home after making the framed project, I wanted to post the project to my blog. But I first wanted to give credit to the appropriate person who created this beautiful project. I looked close to the attachment that Rita had sent in her original email, and it's the same person who created the ornament that I copied!!! Can you believe it? I thought it was funny that Rita and I both picked out a project by the same person! I guess we both have great tastes!!!!!! LOL! You can see the original frame here. She has a great blog with awesome ideas!

Here is Rita (on the left) and myself:

And here is the framed project that I created at Rita's class. Isn't it just beautiful?

Doesn't this make a great gift? The frame is from Walmart for a whopping $3!!!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! How many days until Christmas?



Melinda said...

SOOOO pretty Karen. I'm up to my eyebrows crafting other things before the 25th. This is a 'do' definetly for next year.

Thanks for sharing.

(fellow MOPS)

Marie said...

I just wanted to let you know I found your blog via SCS and I love your clean and simple style of stamping. All of your cards and projects are super cute!! I'm adding you to my Google Reader asap!!