Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Pride & Joy!

Hi!! Just thought I would drop in and share with you a picture of my pride and joy!! Tonight was my husband's Fantasy Football Draft!! This is a very serious thing, you know. Joe was having about 12 men, plus one from Alabama on a conference call, over tonight for the Big "Draft". If you have a big football fan in your family, you know what I mean. :) The NFL season begins next weekend, and we...I mean Joe, is so excited!! I've heard him mention it several times in the last couple of weeks! Since Joe was having the men over, RJ and I went to my parents today for dinner. Yummmm!! BBQ Pork Steaks!!! Before dinner, we sat outside for a bit and Grandpa wanted RJ to water his flowers (he actually did a great job watering the concrete patio and us!). So I thought I would break out the camera and takes a few pics. Here is one of my favorites...

Yes, he is a BIG Dallas Cowboys fan like his Daddy!!

Hope you are enjoying your long Holiday weekend!


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jpovis said...

What a handsome young man. ANd you are gorgeous, your husband is one lucky guy!